Humans of Rockwell: Maddie Beck

“I’m not an official teacher just yet, but I want to be one because I care about the future. I care about helping others.

I have too many role models to even list, but one of them is Malcom X. He’s a great example of change and strength. And also Kanye West. It’s inspiring how much Kanye loves Kanye.” – Maddie Beck, drill team coach

Humans of Rockwell: David Salinas

“I’m David Salinas. I grew up in Orem, Utah. My whole life has been based around soccer. I now play for the Westlake soccer team. I also run track, so basically my life has been built around sports. I’ve learned a lot from this – not only more about the sports I play, but more about myself too. My coach always tells me to push yourself and when you feel like giving up is when you push yourself even harder. I use that as a metaphor for my life when challenges arise it gets me through them.

I’m really grateful to be able to play the sports I love and have a passion for and I hope to be able to play those sports for a long time.” – David Salinas, Junior

Student Submission: How to Commit Suicide

This post isn’t what it sounds like. Please read and spread the word.

There comes a time in your life when all you want is to find a way out. You become desperate, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters in the whole world except finding a way out of all the pain around you. You start to think “what’s the point of being here when everything is a disaster?”. This article is going to teach you how to commit suicide.

1.) Come to your breaking point. We all have that one point that we just crumble and can’t take anything anymore. Everything around us has just turned for the absolute worst so what’s the point of staying? It is the first step in deciding to commit suicide and the turning point in your life.

2.) Find what you are going to commit suicide with. There are many things that you can use to kill yourself with. It’s choosing the object or specific way that’s the difficult part. Almost everything is toxic or painful to humans.

3.) Throw whatever you chose away because you are better than that. Suicide isn’t the best option because there are so many people that love you. You are such an amazing person and I need you, I love you. You are so much more than the words and names that they call you.

4.) Find an alternative. There are different alternatives such as writing, drawing, talking to people, kill other people (video games), non stressful video games, or even finding an activity to do with your spare time. There are so many other better things that you can do than to commit suicide.

So to wrap this up these are the four easy simple steps to commit suicide. First step is to come to your breaking point. Second step is to find what you are going to commit suicide with. Third throw whatever you chose away because you are better than that. Our fourth and final step is to find an alternative. Suicide is not the answer.


A Night of Drama

by Dylan Beck

Rockwell Drama goes to their 2A state competition on April 20. They received a 3rd place in the One Act and the Overall Sweepstakes for Region on March 16th.

The coach of the drama team, Ms. Holt, tells her team to “tell the story” every practice. Holt has been the coach or the assistant every year Rockwell has been a school and has had a team. Many first place wins and medals from Shakespeare and/or Region & State are seen in the medals display closet.

There are 6 seniors on this year’s team of 30 who will be representing Rockwell at the state competition:

Alexis Jacquez
Sam Lofgren
Kade Santiago
Aimee Swift
Hollie Alder
Felicia Jacquez
Kylee Hancock
Victoria Wozab
Jordan Santiago
Amelia Tyler
Isaiah Anderson
Megan Nelson
Cassandra Nelson
Tessa Larsen
Melodie Anderson
Sam Morey
Brooklyn Allen
Tiny Madsen
Destiny Dipo
Brekyn Holland
Lynsie Gifford
Tai Chizmadia
Mackenzie O’Neill
Topanga Wozab
Ben Sherman
Sean Chizmadia
Dylan Beck
Marshall Sellers
Rhain Boulter
Alyssa Smith

Rockwell senior Lynsie Gifford has competed in Region/State for 4 years. Lynsie is one of the main women parts in the one act, and also does a monologue from “Neil Hilborn’s Future Tense.” She received enough superiors to go to state this year. Her favorite part about Region/State throughout her 4 years is growing close as a team.

“I love becoming friends with everyone on the team,” she said. “And the coaches are great.”

Hollie Alder, also a senior, has done Region/State for 3 years. Hollie is one of the main women parts in the one act and performed a scene with Felicia Jacquez from “Merry Wives of Windsor.” They also received enough superiors to go to state. She says the most memorable play she’s done in her 3 years was “Elephant’s Graveyard.”

“It was my first year doing Region and State and I will never forget it,” she said. “This year we are hoping to place high at state.”

Tonight is the drama night of Region/State, where the team will perform their pieces for students, families, and the community. Performances start at 6:00, so come and enjoy this year’s drama team before they head out to the state competition.

Winter Olympics 2018

by Hollie Alder

Earlier this month, it was announced that Pyeongchang South Korea would be the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The opening ceremonies will be held on February 9 and the Olympics will run through February 25th. The most popular events consist of the Snowboard half pipe, Four men bobsled, Figure skating for women, Alpine skiing downhill, Hockey, Skeleton, Short track relay, Figure skating ice dancing, Ski jumping, Snowboard cross, and Aerials.

“I’m just happy it’s not in North Korea,” said Rockwell Junior Keegan Beck.

Tune in for more information as the new year gets closer.

Winter Olympic Sports:

Alpine skiing (11 events)

Biathlon (11 events)

Bobsleigh (3 events)

Cross-country skiing (12 events)

Curling (3 events)

Figure skating (5 events)

Freestyle skiing (10 events)

Ice hockey (2 events)

Luge (4 events)

Nordic combined (3 events)


Short track speed skating (8 events)

Skeleton (2 events)


Ski jumping (4 events)

Snowboarding (10 events)

Speed skating (14 events)


Creativity goes a long way in dance date proposals

by Hollie Alder

These creative date dance proposals? They’re a Utah thing. But who says we can’t have a little fun with the creativity in asking someone of the opposite gender to a date dance? With the girls’ choice Sadies dance this past weekend and Prom coming up later this spring, it can be hard to keep up the creativity in the asking-answering routine. Here are some ideas to get your date swooning over your creativity before the date even starts:

1.Put a message in a bottle.


2. Crack the code. Put the candy in the bag and put the lock around the bag to make it even more tempting.


3. Crime scene


4. Is your date crazy for Disney? Here’s a smart idea for an immediate yes.


5. In-N-Out


For more ideas, check out Buzzfeed’s list of 24 Creative Ways to ask a Date to Prom.

feminism=love, unity, &equality


What is feminism? Feminism is the belief that women should have responsibility for themselves and the choices they make. It is the belief that all women should have equal representation and decision-making opportunities in her home and community. It is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

There are different types of feminism, including: liberal, cultural, radical, ecofeminism, marxist, global, intersectional feminism, and womanism.

Here at Rockwell, we are lucky enough to have an entire class on women’s studies, feminism, and the power of women. Mrs. Frederickson, in room 3, teaches the students in her B4 and B5 classes the capabilities and powers of women. These lucky students are able to develop stronger opinions and learn more about their rights and the equality of all people.

“Young women in this class are able to learn who they are and build confidence,” Frederickson said.

Not all who are feminist are against men. Yes, there are some, but to say all feminists are against men is a statement that is much too broad.

“Feminism is the equality of men and women; it is equality for all,” said Frederickson. “The world, in general, needs equality.”

Some may wonder why call the belief of equality feminism instead of equalism or humanism. It is because you reach gender equality by supporting the rights of the underprivileged gender, and females seem to be underprivileged in society today. By bringing this love towards all, we will gain unity.

“I am for equality,” said Rockwell drill team coach Maddie Beck. “I believe both sexes should be equal, just like all races.”


Feminists do not hate men. they want equality for people of all genders, race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, and ethnicity. The world will be at its greatest power when everyone is treated equal and we all work together as one. Unity, love, and equality are all things the world needs to reach its highest point.

“We will reach our greatest strength when women grasp their true power,” said Frederickson.”We all need to work together.”