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A Night of Drama

by Dylan Beck

Rockwell Drama goes to their 2A state competition on April 20. They received a 3rd place in the One Act and the Overall Sweepstakes for Region on March 16th.

The coach of the drama team, Ms. Holt, tells her team to “tell the story” every practice. Holt has been the coach or the assistant every year Rockwell has been a school and has had a team. Many first place wins and medals from Shakespeare and/or Region & State are seen in the medals display closet.

There are 6 seniors on this year’s team of 30 who will be representing Rockwell at the state competition:

Alexis Jacquez
Sam Lofgren
Kade Santiago
Aimee Swift
Hollie Alder
Felicia Jacquez
Kylee Hancock
Victoria Wozab
Jordan Santiago
Amelia Tyler
Isaiah Anderson
Megan Nelson
Cassandra Nelson
Tessa Larsen
Melodie Anderson
Sam Morey
Brooklyn Allen
Tiny Madsen
Destiny Dipo
Brekyn Holland
Lynsie Gifford
Tai Chizmadia
Mackenzie O’Neill
Topanga Wozab
Ben Sherman
Sean Chizmadia
Dylan Beck
Marshall Sellers
Rhain Boulter
Alyssa Smith

Rockwell senior Lynsie Gifford has competed in Region/State for 4 years. Lynsie is one of the main women parts in the one act, and also does a monologue from “Neil Hilborn’s Future Tense.” She received enough superiors to go to state this year. Her favorite part about Region/State throughout her 4 years is growing close as a team.

“I love becoming friends with everyone on the team,” she said. “And the coaches are great.”

Hollie Alder, also a senior, has done Region/State for 3 years. Hollie is one of the main women parts in the one act and performed a scene with Felicia Jacquez from “Merry Wives of Windsor.” They also received enough superiors to go to state. She says the most memorable play she’s done in her 3 years was “Elephant’s Graveyard.”

“It was my first year doing Region and State and I will never forget it,” she said. “This year we are hoping to place high at state.”

Tonight is the drama night of Region/State, where the team will perform their pieces for students, families, and the community. Performances start at 6:00, so come and enjoy this year’s drama team before they head out to the state competition.

Donate shoes, eat pizza

by Melanie Mortensen

Rockwell is having a shoe drive from February 13 to April 13. Rockwell’s journalism class is putting on the shoe drive to earn money for the class and the Marshal Magazine. All shoes donated will be given to a foundation that will be giving all the shoes to third world countries.

The grade who donates the most shoes wins a pizza party, so get donating!

“If we win, we get pizza,” said Rockwell sophomore Dontel Bautista. “So I’m going to bring lots of shoes.”

Donate your shoes to the boxes in the library, in Mrs. Olsen’s room (room 18), or at the Maverik in Eagle Mountain.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make musical history in LaLa Land

By Baylee Percell

Mia (Emma Stone) is a barista looking to make it big in Los Angeles but with countless awful auditions her dreams of becoming an actress  seem to be more out of reach than she originally thought.

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is an unsuccessful jazz pianist , with jobs that are unstable and don’t allow him to show off his talent of jazz, although he refuses to give up his dream of owning his own jazz club

Romance soon blooms between Mia and Sebastian but on the path to success rise many obstacles in their relationship.

In this captivating, passionate and humorous musical presents the value of chasing dreams and finding love. A definite must see!

Superbowl Sunday: Commercials and Performances with a Side of Football

by Melanie Mortensen

This year marks 50 years since the first-ever Superbowl game. The first Superbowl was played on January 15th, 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. In this historic game, the Packers beat out the Chiefs with a score of 35-10. This year, the Superbowl will be played on February 5th. The quarter-finals take place next week and semi-finals take place the week after that.

We all certainly love our Superbowl commercials and half-time performances, and some people may even enjoy these things more than the game itself. This year, Lady Gaga is scheduled for the coveted half-time show performance. She will certainly bring her best “Pokerface” as fans “Just Dance” to some of their favorite hits.

What new commercials will this year bring? Top contenders include Mountain Dew, Skittles, and Snickers.

Mountain Dew tends to come up with commercials that catch viewers’ attention in different ways. This year, the “puppy-monkey-baby” bit may be one of the most exotic.

Everyone knows how well-known the large mouth and voice of Steven Tyler is. Watch 2017’s Superbowl Skittles commercial showing new ways to express this well known figure.

Of course we can’t forget the special Snickers commercials that follow the same theme each year – “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” Marilyn is the new idea to their common theme for 2017.

Whether it’s the football, the music, or the top-notch advertising you’re excited for, the Superbowl should feature something for Americans of all ages to look forward to.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By: Brooklynn Allen

Topping the box office this week for the fourth week in a row, Rogue One has everyone buzzing in the media. With it scoring an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and getting amazing reviews from well-known critics, I’d say they’ve “forced” their way to the top.

Rogue One is a stand alone film that takes place in the Star Wars universe. It contributes to the original series by giving a backstory of events that occur in episodes four, five and six, but Rogue One isn’t considered a sequel or a prequel to the original series.

For a Star Wars film, the action was decent but the story itself was not as complex and was kind of boring. The whole film just felt like more of a war film than a film about having hope and casting away the empire. I know what you’re going to say, “Oh but Star Wars IS a war film!” No. It’s about the good defeating the evil. it’s not one group vs. another group its the whole universe vs. the empire (might I add is in reality just a small group of people, well a small group of people with a star destroyer but minor details.)  Rogue One lacked what most Star Wars films had, structure. The film felt like the writers wrote it in a day, the story was rushed, the characters didn’t have much substance to them (they just seemed so depressed and unhopeful the whole time) the action was decent but it felt like the writers just went “It’s Star Wars so there has to be a fight in space every second!”.

The film’s exposition is good, it screams Star Wars, the only thing it’s missing is the screen roll. THE SCREEN ROLL! How can it be a Star Wars film with out the SCREEN ROLL! Come on now, get your head in the game here. Aside from all the cons of this film, let’s look at the pros of this film. The music is good even though it’s not composed by John Williams, it is still pretty good. The special effects are far better than they are in the original series, which makes for an awesome visual experience. The space fights are visually stunning and epic, although it was overkill it was still pretty sweet.

Every film will have their pros and cons, even the good ones do that’s what makes them a good film. No film is perfect. My overall score on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a 70%








The 74th Annual Golden Globes

by Keegan Beck

317685731317685731317685731317685731The 74th Annual Golden Globes aired on Sunday, January 8 2017, hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The Golden Globes is an event that honors the best film and American television series. Awards are given in a variety of categories, such as “Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture,” “Best Original Song,” and “Best Musical or Comedy TV Series,” to name a few.

Here’s a list of who took home awards Sunday night:

Best Drama Motion Picture | Moonlight

Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture | Casey Affleck   

Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture | La La Land

Best Director of a Motion Picture | Damien Chazelle

Best Drama TV Series | The Crown

Best Original Song | City of Stars – Justin Hurwitz

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture | Viola Davis

Best Actress in a Drama Motion Picture | Isabelle Huppert

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture | Aaron Taylor – Johnson

Best Original Score | La La Land

Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture | Emma Stone

Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture | Ryan Gosling

Best Foreign Film | Elle

Best Animated Feature Film | Zootopia

Best Musical or Comedy TV Series | Atlanta

Best Miniseries or TV Film | The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy TV Series | Donald Glover

Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series | Tracee Ellis Ross

Best Actor in a Miniseries | Tom Hiddleston

Best Actress in a Miniseries | Sarah Paulson


Disney’s Live Action Beauty and The Beast

by Hollie Alder

On March 17 of this year, the live action Beauty and the Beast will be coming out into theaters.

In the new film, Belle is the inventor. She is always trying to find solutions so that she has more time to focus on reading her books. Her father makes music boxes for her so that she has a way of seeing the world and what she is missing.

Cast members include:

  • Belle: Emma Watson from Harry Potter (Hermione Granger)
  • Beast: Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey (Matthew Crowley)
  • Gaston: Luke Evans from The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug (Bard)
  • Mrs.Potts: Emma Thompson from Nanny McPhee (Nanny McPhee)
  • Le Fou: Josh Gad from Frozen (Olaf)
  • Lumiere: Ewan McGregor from Big Fish (Edward Bloom)
  • Cogsworth: Ian McKellen from The Hobbit (Gandalf)
  • Maurice: Kevin Kline from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Phoebus)
  • Chip: Nathan Mack from The Unborn

Three new songs are going to be introduced into the new film:

  1. Our Song Lives On (appearing several times in the movie)
  2. For Evermore (The Beast sings when he  releases Belle)
  3. Days in the Sun (When the objects and Belle are falling asleep)
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