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Runner pulled over for reward

by Camden Lower

Cross Country is something Casey Clinger does every morning while taking familiar routes around his American Fork home, but Wednesday started a little different when he was pulled over by a local police officer and filmed by an ESPN camera crew.

The officer told Clinger to step out of the vehicle while they search the trunk. Undoubtedly panicked, Clinger stepped out of the car, wondering what he did wrong. The officer removed a trophy from a bag, awarding Clinger with the Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year Award.

“It’s definitely been a special year,” said Clinger after recently committing to run for BYU in the fall while keeping a 4.0 GPA.

Clinger is honored to receive such a prestigious award.

“Just knowing all the people who’ve gotten it before me, they’re all studs,” Clinger said on the video honoring him. “And it’s just an honor.”

Clinger won the Nike Cross Nationals Race at just 15 minutes and 28.4 seconds. American Fork has built an outstanding cross country organization and Casey is a great example to prove it.

Preparing for the ACT test

By Camden Lower

The ACT test is coming quick and it’s no surprise that some of you are feeling stressed out about it. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can score well on the ACT in no time.

  1. Eat Healthy and Sleep – First, try eating good healthy foods and get plenty of rest the night before you take the test. This will ensure that you are focused and alert for any answers or questions that come up on the test.
  2. Study – Second the test will most likely be filled with stuff you already know or have learned in the past so maybe just go threw and study just a little bit before taking the test even just a quick glance at your old notes would help significantly. One of the best ways to study if you’re someone who always forgets to study is to make a healthy study schedule like maybe every night you go threw your notes before bed. It doesn’t really matter when you study, just as long as you are studying.
  3. Don’t Rush – Third, take your time. So many people get there tests and just rush threw them going as fast as they can and that’s great for some people but your chances on a good score would be a whole lot better if you took your time and carefully looked and went over each question and answer.

Along with all these tips, remember to have confidence and don’t stress out about the test. Just remember you are being tested on the things you’ve already learned. You can do it!