Creativity goes a long way in dance date proposals

by Hollie Alder

These creative date dance proposals? They’re a Utah thing. But who says we can’t have a little fun with the creativity in asking someone of the opposite gender to a date dance? With the girls’ choice Sadies dance this past weekend and Prom coming up later this spring, it can be hard to keep up the creativity in the asking-answering routine. Here are some ideas to get your date swooning over your creativity before the date even starts:

1.Put a message in a bottle.


2. Crack the code. Put the candy in the bag and put the lock around the bag to make it even more tempting.


3. Crime scene


4. Is your date crazy for Disney? Here’s a smart idea for an immediate yes.


5. In-N-Out


For more ideas, check out Buzzfeed’s list of 24 Creative Ways to ask a Date to Prom.

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