Rockwell’s award-winning drama team

Auditions for the Region and State Drama Competition were held two weeks ago. Congratulations to everyone who auditioned.

The competition consists of monologues, scenes, pantomimes, musical theater, and a one act.

“I’m excited to hangout with people after school every day and get to know everyone better,” said a Rockwell student who wishes to remain anonymous. “I haven’t done an after school activity yet this year, so this will be fun.”

Classical and Contemporary scenes can consist of 2-3 people with a time limit of 3-6 minutes. Humorous and Dramatic monologues are of one person whose monologue is 2-6 minutes long. Pantomimes are performed by 1-2 people and the time limit is 2-6 minutes. In a pantomime, you aren’t a loud to speak – you just are acting.  In musical theatre 1-4 people compete with a time limit of 2-6 minutes.

Once teams have met all of the above requirements, they have a full slate to compete with.

“Watching the students gain confidence and learn skills to better present themselves to others, and learn how to work together as a team is my favorite part of the competition,” said Rockwell’s drama director Amy Holt. “I also love the opportunity to work with students outside of the classroom. You get to know students more as individuals when you work with them after school, it has been a great opportunity.”

I am a firm believer that extracurricular activities is character building and so beneficial to students. The more the merrier!

– Amy Holt, Rockwell’s drama director

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