Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By: Brooklynn Allen

Topping the box office this week for the fourth week in a row, Rogue One has everyone buzzing in the media. With it scoring an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and getting amazing reviews from well-known critics, I’d say they’ve “forced” their way to the top.

Rogue One is a stand alone film that takes place in the Star Wars universe. It contributes to the original series by giving a backstory of events that occur in episodes four, five and six, but Rogue One isn’t considered a sequel or a prequel to the original series.

For a Star Wars film, the action was decent but the story itself was not as complex and was kind of boring. The whole film just felt like more of a war film than a film about having hope and casting away the empire. I know what you’re going to say, “Oh but Star Wars IS a war film!” No. It’s about the good defeating the evil. it’s not one group vs. another group its the whole universe vs. the empire (might I add is in reality just a small group of people, well a small group of people with a star destroyer but minor details.)  Rogue One lacked what most Star Wars films had, structure. The film felt like the writers wrote it in a day, the story was rushed, the characters didn’t have much substance to them (they just seemed so depressed and unhopeful the whole time) the action was decent but it felt like the writers just went “It’s Star Wars so there has to be a fight in space every second!”.

The film’s exposition is good, it screams Star Wars, the only thing it’s missing is the screen roll. THE SCREEN ROLL! How can it be a Star Wars film with out the SCREEN ROLL! Come on now, get your head in the game here. Aside from all the cons of this film, let’s look at the pros of this film. The music is good even though it’s not composed by John Williams, it is still pretty good. The special effects are far better than they are in the original series, which makes for an awesome visual experience. The space fights are visually stunning and epic, although it was overkill it was still pretty sweet.

Every film will have their pros and cons, even the good ones do that’s what makes them a good film. No film is perfect. My overall score on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a 70%








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