by Dylan Beck

This week for Marshals sports news, we had Boy’s Basketball Wednesday, Girl’s Basketball Yesterday, and another Boy’s Basketball game in SLC. Also the Drill Team is performing on Saturday at their competition.

Girl’s Basketball has continued to do well as they are 6-6 in their last 12 games. The last game before Thursday night was against Skyridge High School. A very big but new school that was the favorite to win. Rockwell ended up losing 64-17. They started region play this Thursday against the Rowland Hall- St.Marks, Winged Lions. They lost 61-34. They hope to bounce back next Tuesday against Waterford.

Boy’s Basketball went to their tournament last week in Enterprise, Utah. It was an 8-team tournament, 4 boy teams, 4 girl teams. Rockwell versed schools El Capitan, and Water Canyon. Both games were L’s but not by much. Wednesday the Marshal’s played against our neighboring school, Westlake. JV held their own in a one of the best games they have played but lost it in the second half and lost their 1 point lead and fell to the Thunder 35-74, Varsity didn’t have the same type of game as they lost 85-25

The Drill Team had their first competition Dec 10th at Juan Diego High School. They placed 2nd in Military, 3rd in Dance, 3rd in Kick. They hope to get better results at their next competition which is this Saturday at Salem Hills. Come support your Lady Marshals!

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