2016 Christmas concert

By: Brooklynn Allen

On December 15th Rockwell’s music department put on a wonderful Christmas performance. The Rockwell Singers, Rockwell’s very first audition choir, put on a phenomenal A Capella version of “Carol of the Bells”. The Concert Choir, performed an outstanding version of “Mary, Did You Know?”. The orchestra, guitars, and Rolling Rocks performed a marvelous set of classic Christmas songs. We were treated to a surprise performance by the music directors. The choirs combined and performed a sensational rendition of “All I Want For Christmas”  and heartfelt version of “Star of Bethlehem”. The two soloists that performed, Vivienne Peters and Samantha Lofgren, did a remarkable job. At the end of the concert, all of the performers came together to perform an outstanding version of “Silent Night”. The directors of the concert, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Jones and Mr. Jewkes did an amazing job with putting this whole concert together.

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