First junior high Maverik day becomes recurring tradition

By Keegan Beck


Until this week, going to Maverik was never heard of as a junior high student at Rockwell. Since the school was open in 2008, Junior high students have not been allowed to leave the school campus to walk up to Maverik, but on Friday, September 30th, junior high students went to Maverik for the first time ever in Rockwell history.


“It was really cool that we got the chance to go to Maverik,” said Rockwell eighth grader Cody Taysom.


Working hard to achieve something like this was an exciting moment for these junior high students.


Cassidy O’Neil said it was nice to have the independence that came with the Maverik trip. “It was awesome to have the freedom to go and leave the campus for lunch,” she said.


Mr. Beck was excited about the junior high’s event.


“It was for the junior high students to have opportunity to earn something, and to have some control, to do something positive for the junior high,” said Mr. Beck. “ It was really easy and simple to plan.”


Some may wonder why this event has never been considered before. Mr. Beck explained that parents were nervous about their junior high students going to Maverik because they felt like high schoolers would be there. Once parents learned that this was an earned event that the junior high students would be able to participate in on their own, the event became an exciting motivation that students looked forward to.


Parents seemed much more on-board with the idea once they learned that the trip was a reward for good behavior and good school habits. The first Maverik trip was a success and junior high students respected the privilege they were given.


“They were honorable , and they got to class on time,” said Mr. Beck.  “It was so cool to see the junior high kids helping their friends during mentor to get their grades up. It was cool to hear students saying they needed to get their grades up no matter what.”


The event turned out so well that Mr. Beck anticipates a repeat of the event twice more this year.


“The kids made it worth doing again,” said Mr. Beck. “It will be during November and January that they will be doing it again.”

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