New shows, exciting musicals coming to Broadway

by Hollie Alder

  1. Holiday Inn: The New Irvin Bell Musical: Jim Leaves behind show business and moves to Connecticut. He can’t get dancing and singing out of his mind though. He meets Linda a school teacher and Jim discovers a hidden talent of hers. They get together and make a stage for performing for others. Will they fall in love?
  2. Heisenberg: A woman bumps into an older man at a train station and they have an unexpected kiss leading to a romance no one thought was possible.
  3. The Cherry Orchard: A family on the edge of ruin and the country on the end of revolution.
  4. The Front Page: Newspaper reporters on the  police beat.
  5. Falsettos: Marvin has to decide what love is to him.
  6. Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet of 1812: Natasha waits for her husband to return home from war. While she waits she can’t help but fall in love with another man. What will happen between these two loves?
  7. The Illusionist- Turn Of The Century:
  8. A Bronx Tale: A man has to decide whether to be like his father or his boss who he always wanted to be like.
  9. In Transit: The world is always moving like a subway. Sometimes getting on or off is hard.






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