Dinner reception for Madame Rene a success

by Brenna Ottesen

During last Friday’s dinner reception for Mme. Rene, the students of Rockwell performed for the crowd. First, the beginner and intermediate strings played “Tango” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This was followed by the Junior High choir who performed “Donna Nobis” and “Chariot’s Coming.” Afterwards the High School choir sang “Shenandoah.”

After these performances, Madame Rene stood to say a few words, which were translated by Tania Young. She spoke about the people in her country, and how to look at them would make you very distressed. She spoke about how beautiful our home seemed to her, and the hopes she had for her own people. Her hopes of building a school, and empowering the women of Haiti with possibilities. After these comments, the evening ended with all visitors filing into the gym to watch a dance performance by Rockwell Dance Co.

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