iPhone 7, iOS 10 bring exciting tech updates

by Keegan Beck

On September 7, Apple held their annual event in San Francisco, California. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was very excited to announce upcoming features for Apple. On Tuesday they announced the release of iOS 10, along with updates for the app store, ConnectEd, and many more great tools and resources.

There are so many rich features with these new Apple products, and the Apple team is very very excited to announce their part to make Apple customers happy and excited for the things in Apple’s future. They announced all sorts of things that you should be excited for even though if you are Microsoft person. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, started off the event on the updates of Apple Music.

“There are 17 million subscribers on [Apple Music],” Cook said. “There have been 140 billion total apps that have been downloaded on the App store.”

This coming holiday, Apple is bringing the classic Nintendo Super Mario to the app store. It will be titled Super Mario Run. 

Later in the event, Cook announced that the iPhone 7 is the best product that Apple employees and users will ever experience. Part of the iPhone 7 update included removing antennas spanning across the back of the device for a cleaner, sleeker look. The phone will still come in gold, rose gold, and grey, but they are bringing two new colors – black and jet black. All phones will have a high gloss finish.

The iPhone body has also been reengineered to be IP67 dust and water resistant, so it will hold up to splashes and even submersion in water. The battery life for both the iPhone 7 and 7S will be the longest-lasting. Those upgrading from previous iPhones will see two additional hours of battery life on average.

Rockwell students are excited about the update. However, the wireless earbud situation seems to worry some students.

“I can’t wait to lose all my wireless earbuds,” said sophomore Logan Card.

Headphones will be available that connect through the lightning port, and users will be able to use adapters so they can continue using their wired headphones.

“I’m really excited for the Bluetooth earbuds,” said sophomore Adeline Smith.

With the continued updates in technology, it will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with next.

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