School got you stressed? 8 helpful tips

by Clair Oswald

As the new year begins, things can be pretty hectic. Juggling school, work, home, a social life, and whatever else may be going on, can be a lot to handle. With all the things going on around you, it’s easy to become anxious and stressed. Stress affects your mind, body, and overall experience of life. Common effects of stress are headaches, muscle tension/pain, fatigue, upset stomach, and sleeping problems. When your body feels off-balance, so does the mind. Here are some tips to keep the stress down and the mind up.

1.Identify Stressors
What exactly is making you feel stressed? What can you change to help the situation? Find someone you trust to talk to.

2. Sleeping Schedule
Being stressed = can’t sleep = unprepared for the stressors of tomorrow = more stress
The average teen needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night, try relaxing techniques, like disconnecting from technology before bed (yes, that includes your precious cell phone.)

3. Healthy Nutrition
What food you put in your body actually makes a significant difference in mood and energy. What you consume can increase your energy and calm your mood. Long story short, eat healthy. But if you’re curious on what foods will help boost your mood, check out this site;

4. Socialize
HAVE FUN. Hangout with your friends, play a sport, join a club, go to work, etc. Surrounding yourself with people and things you enjoy is just is important as your education. It boosts your mood and confidence, while maybe even keeping you fit. Maybe.

5. Exercising
Always known as one of the best stress relievers, exercise reduce the level of stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins. If you don’t like to work out alone, get a group of friends together to schedule a time. It’s also a good way to clear your mind and blow off steam. Go punch something. Run some miles. Lift those weights.

6. “The man who has no imagination, has no wings”… -Muhammad Ali
Your body responds the same way to made-up and imaginary emotions, thoughts, dreams, words, ideas, as it would to real life experiences. Having sad or negative emotions tends to throw off the mind and the body, so you need to wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror (no matter how silly it sounds), and you tell yourself that you are one good lookin’ human being, and you will have a GREAT day.

7. Smile !!! 😀 🙂 😛 :3
On a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and you’re ready to either hit something or burst into tears, take a couple breaths, and smile. Smiling transmits nerve impulses from the facial muscles to the limbic system, tilting the neurochemical balance towards calm.

8. Just Breathe.
Don’t forget to slow down and breathe. Deep breathing will slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, calming you down. It’s one of the simplest tricks, but the easiest to forget. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, so keeping calm and moving on is key to a good year.

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