Pete’s Dragon

by Hollie Alder

An old disney movie is becoming new – it’s Pete’s Dragon! On August, 12, 2016 the new film, Pete’s Dragon came out. Full of adventure, excitement, and thrills, Pete’s Dragon has it all.

“That’s the other thing about adventure you’ve got to be brave” Said by Pete’s father.

The original Pete’s dragon that came out in 1977, was full of singing and adventure. Some songs that where sung in the original are:

  1. “Candle in the water.”
  2. “You light up my life.”
  3. “Every little piece” and much more.

Image via Google Images

Now Pete’s dragon is all new. Showcasing the bond Pete has with his dragon Elliot. They have grown up together and found there ways to live and provide. Grace comes and finds Pete and takes him home with her. Grace said “You don’t have to be alone”. He feels like he finally has another home. In the end he has to decide between saving his Elliot or letting him die.






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