Rockwell students might have an easier time transferring and registering for sports

by Dylan Beck

The Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) and the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) are in a feud over two rule changes being considered by part of the USBE. This effort could drastically change Utah high school sports forever.

The main rule change is essentially that the UHSAA can’t put any restrictions on transfers (even if students choose to play 3 different sports at 3 different schools) since students and parents enjoy an open enrollment law in Utah. As the USBE does not have actual authority over the UHSAA, the current debate is creating interesting allies.

As the UHSAA is a membership association and oversees all sports, academic, and art competitions in the state. Secondary charter schools, while not having geographic boundaries, are usually smaller and struggle to field competitive teams. Traditional schools fear that charters will recruit talent away from them. Sadly, this is exactly the challenge presently being dealt with by the two entities.

Darren Beck, Executive Director of Rockwell, feels that there have been a small number of schools, private and charter, who may be guilty of recruiting violations.

“Creating a rule that basically throws out any sort of oversight for transfers is the wrong effort,” Beck said. “As a member of a member association, we need to be able to address this. The way UHSAA functions, the member schools have the responsibility to police itself. If USBE sets this rule and says schools cannot be part of the UHSAA if they make rules that go counter to the state rule, it will create a ton more issues to deal with. There is a better way to address these issues.”

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