Fall sports preview

by Dylan Beck


August 31st-Grantsville Reservoir

September 3rd-Timpanogas High

September 9th-Bonneville

September 14th – Settlement Canyon

September 16th-Wasatch Rendezvous (Cottonwood Park Salt Lake City)

September 28th-Pre-Region (Sanpete Valley Invitational at Skyline Mountain Resort)

October 11th-Region (Skyline Mountain Resort)

October 19th-State (Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City)

What are practices like?

“Easy,” says Coach Sellers, jokingly. She then starts off again seriously, “I have the athletes change out after school and meet in the back around 3:15 or 3:20. We start with a series of stretches led by our captain, once we finish that I put out mini-hurdles.”

Sellers says that mini-hurdles are an important part of cross country workouts as they help lengthen the runners’ strides.

“After we go through the mini-hurdles a few times I let them get drinks and I send them on a 2-5 mile run,” she said. “Once they come back they cool down a little bit and hydrate themselves, I make them do a few sprints then we hit the grass or commons area and do core-workout. We stretch, give a cheer and that’s a normal practice.”


September 1st- @ Duchene

September 9th- @Pinnacle

September 15th- vs Wasatch

September 20th- @Rowland Hall

September 22nd- @American Prep

September 27th- vs Waterford

September 29th- vs LCA

October 4th-@Wasatch Academy

October 5th- @Dugway

October 6th- vs American Prep

October 11th- vs Rowland Hall

October 18th- @Waterford

October 20th- @LCA

October 25th- Playoffs for State

October 28th-29th- State 2A @ UVU

How is the volleyball team preparing for this upcoming game?

“We have been practicing two hours everyday after school, going over rotations,” said team captain Ashlee DeBruin.“We have also been practicing passes and doing a lot of team bonding.”

What is your favorite part about volleyball?

Megan Nelson is excited to play on the volleyball team this year and says there is a lot to look forward to.

“My favorite part about volleyball is playing with my team and playing in general,” Nelson said. 

Between the talented athletes and remarkable coaches, fall sports at Rockwell is something to look forward to.


-Muhammad Ali

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