RCHS presents: Once Upon A Mattress

by Brooklynn Allen

This Fall Rockwell’s drama department will be performing the hilarious musical Once Upon A Mattress, a wacky twist on the classic tale of The Princess and the Pea. This musical is about Prince Dauntless who is looking for the perfect bride but his overbearing mother, Queen Agravain, insists that every Princess must perform some ridiculous and unfair tests to prove that she is a “true” Princess. Until the Prince gets married no one else in the kingdom is allowed to get married. Due to this the head knight, Sir Henry, sets off to find the perfect princess, luckily he returns with the amazingly odd Princess Winnifred the Woebegone. The Queen does not approve of Winnifred so she begins to formulate a plan to get rid of her, but Winnifred is not one that will give up easy.

This production of Once Upon A Mattress will be directed by Rockwell’s new drama teacher,image1 (1) Ms. Hunter. Hunters reasoning’s for doing this production was because she wasn’t sure of the talent” and this musical would be “fun and easy for everyone and it’s a show that everyone could enjoy”. Ms. Hunter had mentioned that “when the show is over, I want them to feel like they had a great time and that they walk away more confident than before” and she wants the audience to “walk away feeling entertained and that they enjoyed their experience”. Hunter also wants the actors to “remember that the show is a light-hearted, fun and relaxed show that they can just let loose and have a great time”. One auditoner Megan Kast, who has been in previous Rockwell productions such as Annie Get Your Gun, has said that she is looking forward to the musical so she can “follow in her mothers footsteps”.

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