by Keegan Beck, Sports Writer

When most people hear the word “Cross Country” they probably think it is the latest vampire series on their favorite cable network. Even though it is not a TV series, it is about running long and fast.

It always seems impossible until it’s done”

                                                              – Nelson Mandela

Rockwell has once again started one of their sports for the fall season. Cross Country is essentially a sport where runners run their fastest. Precisely, it involves running a 5k ( 3.1 miles) through a variety of terrain.

I sat down with Coach Sellers of the cross country team here at Rockwell, and asked her a few questions.

Me: How should a runner get prepared for a meet day before and day of?

Coach Sellers: The most important thing is to be hydrated the day before and the day of the race. You should be drinking water, Gatorade!

Me: How do you prepare your athletes?

Coach Sellers: Depends of the weather. It can be chilly at the beginning of the race, and by the end it could be hot. That’s one of the things to be prepared for. I also have our team do a jog around the course so they know how it feels, and they know what to be aware of.

Records, medals and trophies are great, but this sport is far more about the individual runner competing against his or herself. Coach Sellers loves to win, but loves having student athletes go after personal bests even more. Running is as much spiritual as it is physical for the coach. Coach Sellers has almost single-handedly grown Rockwell’s Cross Country and Track programs from next-to-nothing (Pretty good PR, Coach).

While running may not be your thing, Rockwell’s Cross Country team does an excellent job of representing the school. They hold themselves accountable for grades, attendance, and exemplifying what it means to be a Marshal.  


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